Terms and Conditions

It is essential that you sign and complete your Terms and Conditions form before your departure onto our programme. Please ensure that you fill out the following information:

Next of Kin Details:

Please fill out your Emergency Contact Details on our Terms and Conditions form to ensure that our Support Teams are able to reach your Next of Kin in case of emergency. We do require the information as a matter of preparation and precaution.

Medical History:

For purposes of Health and Safety, it is important that we are made aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, and/or medication you are currently prescribed/taking. This allows our Support Teams to best assist you throughout your time on our programmes. If you are looking to study Mandarin in China then you would need to have a full physical examination with your GP before you leave for China. Please contact us for any further information on this.

Travel Insurance:

We require that all interns take out travel insurance for the duration of their time on their respective courses with us. If you do require help and advice on this then please contact our team for assistance