Intern in Asia Pacific

Why an internship in the Asia Pacific region?

The Asia Pacific region is a fascinating part of the world. Working and living in this exotic location will bring the most incredible life experiences, socially and professionally. With Noble House Asia, not only will you have a tailored internship programme, but you will also have access to our fully-managed social calendar. This access will allow you to network and meet people within your business community. We know that a high end internship programme should allow you to build your business contacts and make some great friends along the way – we can promise you the most fulfilling experience.

Our business partners range across the most important and exciting industry sectors including: Manufacturing, Law, Marketing and PR, IT, Finance, Media, Engineering, Architecture and many more…

Our internship programme is designed for students and graduates. We have internships which are located in the most important and diverse cities in China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong), famous for their business and cultural influences. We look to other influential cities in the Asia Pacific region also and currently have very exciting opportunities in Bangkok, with plans to be moving into South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and India. As a Noble House Asia intern, you will have access to a personalised internship programme suiting your specific requirements and skill sets. Allowing you to fully engage with your chosen city’s culture, its people, and most importantly, its business infrastructure.

To help with networking, we provide social and cultural events enabling you to immerse yourself in all that your city has to offer. The combination of a fulfilling internship, an understanding of the city where you live and work, and a healthy social life, will give you a well-rounded experience. This will be an adventure – one that you will never forget.

Our internship locations

Our internships are located in the most important, diverse and exhilarating cities in Asia Pacific – famous for their business and cultural influences.




Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Discover yourself and a new culture…

We also believe in helping you gain invaluable life experience, something which every future employer is looking for. Through an internship in Asia Pacific your skill set will greatly increase – to a level all companies look for during graduate selection processes. The advantages you will gain in the job market over other graduates is unquestionable. Your experiences will greatly improve your CV, give you a competitive edge, and offer an opportunity to enter into an international job market.

The challenges and rewards of an internship

Our interns are typically industrious and highly ambitious, looking to an internship in Asia Pacific to get ahead in their chosen career. There are challenges and responsibilities with the opportunities on our programmes and interns should be aware and able to react, using their initiative to work independently and effectivley. Whether you choose to work in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Bangkok you will be set assignments in your industry sector. You will be given an opportunity to test and develop your skills and capabilities. Recruiters pay close attention to a candidate who has work experience on an international level, especially in Asia Pacific. For those who have the the drive and a sense of adventure, an internship with us could be the most important career decision made so far. Universities, government institutions and big business are strong advocates of internships like ours…

Recruiters agree

Dan Black, Ernst & Young’s Americas Director of Campus Recruiting, said his company would pay close attention to a candidate who has work experience in Asia, especially from mainland China.

  • ''We’d put a very high value on that because of the growth we’re seeing there and because of the investment we’re making in China ... If you have both the language skills and the experience—boy, that is a lot of value for a company like ours.''
    Dan BlackErnst & Young’s Americas Director of Campus Recruiting
  • Business schools are encouraging undergraduates to pursue internships in the region. The University of Arkansas Walton College of Business – unveiled a program last year in which it pays for two business students in the school’s honors program to participate in an internship in China; each scholarship is worth about $3,000.“The program is highly competitive”

    Heather Sprandel, Career Development Center Director (The University of Arkansas Walton College of Business)

    Kristen Howell, a junior accounting major who won one of last year’s Walton scholarships, says the experience she had last summer at the TanCheng Certified Taxation Agents, a small Beijing-based firm, has been instrumental in helping her land other prestigious internships back home, including ones at Tyson Foods(TSN) and Walmart (WMT).“A lot of people are fascinated by the fact I went to China and it’ s been a main topic of discussion at a lot of the interviews I’ve had … I definitely attribute it to a lot of the success I’ve had.”

    Kristen Howell, Junior accounting major (www.businessweek.com)

    Internship sectors

    • Architecture and Real Estate
    • Business
    • Engineering
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
    • Hospitality
    • IT
    • Legal
    • Logistics
    • Media & Creative Industries
    • NGOs & Charities
    • Tourism & Travel

    Application process

    We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch with all of our interns. We make sure we supply the right internship to the right candidate. It all starts with the application process…

    1: Apply

    In order to begin the process you will need to submit an electronic application. You can do that here on our Apply page. Our programmes run all year round.
    Apply now

    2: Review

    Upon receiving your request our internship programme consultants will initially asses your suitability for our programmes. We are looking to help place applicants in the best possible internship available. We particularly look for those individuals who have a real interest in the Asia Pacific region. (Please ensure your CV/resume is no longer than 2 pages).

    3: Interview

    Successful applicants will be invited to a 20 minute telephone interview. The aim of the interview is to ascertain your interests and ambitions, to enable us to place you on the correct internship. Do not feel any pressure. We like to think of it as an informal chat. Relax and be yourself! It is important for us to create a perfect fit for both the intern and the company, so during the call we will assess: 1. Your suitability 2. Experience 3. Reasons for working in the region and your chosen industry.

    4: Outcome

    After your interview you will receive an email from us (after 1 working day) detailing whether we have an internship available to offer you, suiting your aims, ambitions and skill set. If you are successful with your application you will receive an offer, which will formally invite you to join the programme and details on how to confirm your place.

    5: Confirmation

    Internships in the region are becoming increasingly popular, due to this fact certain programmes which we offer are in high demand and places are limited. The result of this means that we do need payment of the deposit within 7 days of the placement being offered, to make sure we are being as efficient and fair as we can. Once the deposit has been received we can then make the relevant arrangements. The remainder of your fee is due one month after paying your deposit, or a minimum of six weeks before your departure date, whichever is sooner. For flexible payment options please contact us for more information.

    6: Welcome!

    Once we have received your deposit you will be registered onto our programme, and you will be on your first step of your life-changing experience with Noble House Asia. We can then begin to organise your personal programme, working closely with yourself and your company to ensure the best possible transition. You will receive a Noble House Asia welcome pack, giving you all the information you will need on what to expect from your internship with us. Once final payment has been received, confirmation of your internship placement will be sent to you. Skype sessions will be set up between yourself, us here at Noble House Asia and your new place of work – this process will ensure that you are comfortable and confident on your first day.


    • 1 month internship
    • £1,69500
    • Accommodation
    • 24 hour support network
    • Airport pick-up
    • Business and networking events
    • Highly rated internship programme
    • Welcome pack!
    • 2 month internship
    • £2,39500
    • Accommodation
    • 24 hour support network
    • Airport pick-up
    • Business and networking events
    • Highly rated internship programme
    • Welcome pack!
    • 3 month internship
    • £3,19500
    • Accommodation
    • 24 hour support network
    • Airport pick-up
    • Business and networking events
    • Highly rated internship programme
    • Welcome pack!

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the first step?

    In order to begin your internship you will need to submit an electronic application. You can do that here on our Apply page. Our programmes run all year round.

    Is the programme open to all nationalities?

    Our programmes are open to all nationalities, although the visa application process will differ in certain circumstances – We will work with all applicants throughout the process.

    What qualifications do I need to apply?

    We require all of our applicants to either have an undergraduate degree or to be currently enrolled on one. We do accept gap year students, but they do need to be placed on an undergraduate course at university. We also look for applicants to have a strong academic record, with a real interest in foreign affairs, travel and culture. Fluent English is essential, and if you are looking to improve your language skills we can place you in an internship where this will be catered for.

    How can I prepare myself for life and work in my city?

    Noble House Asia will give you all the support you need before you leave and once you arrive. On arrival we will give a seminar on business etiquette and culture – which will help ease you into your new role and environment. Also, an introduction pack will be sent to you before your departure date. This will include a crash language course and an insight into your city and what to expect.

    Where will I live?

    Your accommodation will be taken care of and organised for you by the team. Your accommodation and bills are included in your fee.
    You will be placed in shared accommodation with other interns, with your own room. The accommodation will be of a high standard, located centrally in your chosen city. We prefer to place interns together as this acts as a support network for yourself and all other interns. This creates the perfect environment to help participants settle quickly and helps the social aspect of your internship too.