Why choose us?

Welcome to Noble House Asia, your doorway to a new life in Asia Pacific. At Noble House Asia, we offer the services to help you make a smooth, easy and stress-free transition into your new career. Our tight-knit and dedicated team is made of representatives from the UK, China and the USA – and it’s our mission to help you feel at ease from the moment you secure your internship right through to your final day of work.

All of our team speak fluent Mandarin and have extensive experience and connections throughout China and Asia Pacific. The experiences gained by our team over the years will be invaluable to you during your time abroad, and we will be at your service from the very start.

Jonathan Shearne

Jonathan Shearne

UK representative

Jonathan is based in our UK office, in Leeds. He graduated from the University of Leeds, studying Chinese and International Development. Jonathan has gained great experience from his time in China and doing business there; starting his first business at the age of 20 for 3 years before heading to university. Being involved with business in China for this amount of time, from such a young age, guarantees contacts and a knowledge base that is hard to come by.
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George Copely

George Copley

US representative

George is our business manager in the USA – He is based in Colombia, Tennessee. George studied Spanish and Business at university in the US before heading to Guangzhou, for business and travel. George is a keen musician and is a regular fixture on the live music scene in and around Tennessee. Due to his experience in China he is a great source of information and very important to our team here, we are lucky to have him. George is the perfect point of contact for our candidates in North America.
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Simon Riley

Simon Riley

Guangzhou representative

Simon is our business manager in Guangzhou, China. For more than 8 years now, Simon has been involved in the engineering sector in Guangzhou – which is one of the most important business hubs in the whole of Asia Pacific. Simon has extensive connections throughout China and has been with Noble House Asia since the very beginning. To have such an experienced and knowledgeable individual to rely on and liaise with, during your time in Guangzhou, is a great asset to have.
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James Harper

Shanghai representative

James is our manager covering our Shanghai internship programmes. James is from Cheltenham and studied Chinese and Spanish at the university of Leeds. Again James has been with us from the early days and is a great asset to us and all interns who will be supported by him. James comes from an export/import background, working in the Asia Pacific region for 5 years now. If you need to get those exclusive tickets to an A list event in the city, James is your man – he has worked previously with some big names in the wine and whiskey industries and therefore has all the numbers and contacts that come with this. A good man to know.
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Let us take care of everything

We know that working abroad can be an exciting yet daunting experience all at the same time, that’s why our services start even before you arrive in your chosen destination. Once you have signed up with Noble House Asia, we’re here to support you every step of the way. You will be in direct contact with Jonathan in the UK, George in the US, Simon in Guangzhou and James in Shanghai. Our friendly team will guide you through everything – from securing your internship and completing visa applications to helping you prepare for your time in Asia Pacific.

Working abroad should be exciting and life-changing. Therefore, make the most of your amazing experience with Noble House Asia. Let our dedicated team help you with the complicated logistics, provide you with support and assurance and to help you with direct and immediate support, 24 hours a day.

A friendly face as soon as you arrive!

As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be met by a Noble House representative who will be there from the start. After meeting you at the airport we will take you to your apartment, which you will share with other Noble House Asia interns. Once you arrive you will be supplied with a mobile phone and SIM card, so that you are in immediate and direct contact with everyone. This guarantees that you are in contact with Noble House, your peers in China, your employer, and with your family back home.

You will be provided with a welcome pack containing literature on nearby supermarkets, restaurants, metro lines and other essential information to make your first weeks as easy as possible. On your first day of work we will accompany you to introduce you to your employer. We really will be there every step of the way.

Personal touch

We pride ourselves on the personal touch and do not see you as just another intern, but as an individual. We understand that different people thrive in different conditions and we do our best to cater for every type of person we meet. With Noble House Asia, you can be confident in our personalised services. We make time for you as a person, looking after your needs and answering your queries and questions. You will never feel overwhelmed or forgotten with Noble House Asia. We pride ourselves on that.

Accreditations & corporate partners

We work with institutions which are essential to securing the best internships in Asia Pacific.

British Council

British Council
British Chambers of Commerce

British Chambers of Commerce

British Chamber of Commerce in China
China-Britain Business Council

China-Britain Business Council
  • ''Business leaders have told us many times that they fear for the UK in a global economy if our young people do not gain international experience and skills. Internships in China and Asia Pacific are being championed by the business community here, as a way to encourage and develop these very necessary skill sets .''
    Martin DavidsonBritish Council, Chief Executive
  • Cooperation with universities

    We have affiliations with and work alongside the most respected universities in China, offering highly rated Mandarin courses to those wishing to study Chinese. We know from first hand experience that the most cost effective and efficient way to study Mandarin to a high level is to do so in China.

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Jiao Tong University

    Beijing language and culture University

    Beijing language and culture University

    Jinan University (Guangzhou)

    University (Guangzhou)

    Liaoning Normal University (Dalian)

    Liaoning Normal University (Dalian)

    Ludong University (Yantai)

    Ludong University (Yantai)